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Date: January 27, 2024

Protect Yourself From Virus And Bacteria With Antiviral Nano Coatings

The covid-19 virus, which crushed all the balances of the world, activated many things in society. As society's awareness of the virus increased, the demand for hygienic products and masks increased. Companies and scientists have begun to develop various antimicrobial and antiviral products.

So, what comes to mind when it comes to antiviral nano coatings?
To put it simply, antiviral protective nano coatings prevent the virus from reproducing and reduce its ability to reproduce. Some antivirals inhibit the virus's ability to attach to the cell. Although these products are very effective in the first use, they have a 90-95% kill rate of viruses on the surface where they are sprayed, but the mentioned feature is only valid for the first use. Is there a solution for long-term protection? Yes, there is!!

New studies and developments have revealed a new antimicrobial and anti-bacterial nano-coating solution which can assure a long-time durable protective shield against viruses. Antiviral nano coatings provide effective protection for a long time, as well as killing viruses on the surface in the first use. Antiviral nano coatings have a 99.9% killing rate, making them one of the most effective protective shields against viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to the long-term disinfectant effect and protective shield, you don't need to worry about refreshing your coating every time and spend less time on disinfecting places.


The silane base at one end of the antimicrobial molecule creates a strong bond with the surface of the substrate, both porous and non-porous, forming a highly durable protective coating.
Thanks to the antiviral nano-coating technology, you do not need to keep applying continuously since it can keep the killing effect on viruses and bacteria and prevent them from growing on the surface once it is applied to the surface.

Antiviral nano coatings have excellent adhesion strength to surfaces they are applied on.

Currently developed antiviral nano-coating solution by Nasiol is approved for its effectiveness on porous and non-porous surfaces. It can be applied to surfaces such as clothing, leather goods, textile, metal, ceramic, glass, plastic.


The concept of long-term protective antiviral coating on surfaces can be reflected in so many different industries.

It has a wide range of usages such as clothing, food industry, hotels, restaurants and cafes, all kinds of transportation, military, and sports equipment, hospitals, and mask production.

Global Anti-Viral Coatings Market is expected to reach $ 1,3 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 13,3% (‘20-’27). It seems like nanotechnology will be more widely used to cope with viruses in the future.

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