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Date: January 27, 2024

Wall Paint Protector - Anti Graffiti Coating

"There is a silent war on our streets. The walls of our towns and cities are assaulted by sneak attacks that go unseen under cover of night.

We are under siege from fiendish enemies that seem to have no cause but defacing the beauty of our buildings and intimidating our citizens. Turning a peaceful environment sinister and threatening, trying to give it over to violence and crime.

Their weapons of choice cause so much harm at so little cost it seems a losing battle to try to fight back, spending hours and hundreds repairing the damage knowing the next night it could all be undone again in minutes.

How do you fight an invisible enemy who delights in such destructive mind games?

The answer is to know your enemy and turn his strengths against him.

An invisible enemy that can’t be found can be stopped by an invisible, impenetrable barrier.

A barrier that’s also a decoy that makes them think they have achieved their objective when in reality, their attack has been repelled.

But who are these madmen? Barbarians? Vandals?

They are the Graffiti Bandits. Armed with spray cans, a grudge, anti-social behavior, and too much time on their hands, they want to make your world theirs simply by painting their name on it.

And they hope their actions will encourage others to join them, spiraling the problem out of control until they rule streets that ring to the sound of rattle cans.

Perfect graffiti resistance can be very difficult in practice, they know that.

Harsh chemicals and hours of scrubbing, powerful jet washes that erode the wall itself, neither are appealing countermeasures.

Paint over the graffiti and you just provide a fresh canvas – and if the unfortunate wall already has a paint finish removing the graffiti becomes almost impossible without destroying that painted surface as well, incurring large ongoing maintenance costs however you try to repair the damage."

"The invisible barrier that repels the attack? Impenetrable to spray paint – which does not bond to the barrier’s surface so that the graffiti can be removed with minimal effort and time, without damage to the wall or its painted surface, or the barrier coating itself?

It’s a nanotechnology solution, applied in one coat with a brush, roller, or even a microfibre mop to any hard surface including plastics, glass, metals, and masonry, painted or not.

Because it’s an invisible transparent nano coating with 800nm maximum thickness and will not peel or crack, but is tough enough to shield against damage for 3 years or 40 washes.

No longer will those dastardly graffiti bandits feel safe in the knowledge that their evil works cannot be easily undone.

Their rule is over, the tables are turned and now it’s they who will look in anguish as their tags are removed in minutes with just a jet of water, time after time.

A crushing defeat to their ego they will not wish to endure again and again. It is a battle of wills and gives up they most certainly will!" They said so.

Nasiol Anti-GRM now raises this war to the dusty pages of history and gives the gospel of the return of graffiti to art and turns it into a harmless but enjoyable process, along with the superior performance of Anti-GRM.

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