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Date: January 27, 2024

Water Repellent Spray For Fabric

It cannot be denied that appearances matter greatly in these days and times we live in. Fashion has always been an important part of human existence since the dawn of civilization, but staying stylish and trendy has gone from being a luxury to almost becoming a necessity. And how else can people express that sense of style and class if not through the fabrics that make up our clothing, upholstery, beddings, curtains, and all other aspects of our daily lives that involve the use of textile?

Our choice of fabrics often reflects our individuality, making them very personal and important to most people. From industry-manufactured textile to hand-painted fabrics, from tightly woven cotton to smooth silk, there are several fabric types to choose from. This gives us a lot of freedom, and in this generation of people obsessed with creativity and self-expression, it’s no surprise to see people using that freedom to the maximum.

However, to quote words from a famous comic and screen superhero character, "with great power comes great responsibility," and this statement holds for our use of fabrics as well. Regardless of which ones we choose to project our fashion sense, we have to maintain and protect these beautiful fabrics from the various factors that threaten their longevity. There’s the usual wear and tear that comes with use as well as stains such as oil and grease, but perhaps the greatest of all the threats is arguably water. It can leave spots and marks, or even serve as a medium for molds and mildew to grow if left for too long. The best way to prevent water-related damage to fabrics is to make them waterproof, or if they already are, maintain the water-resistant protection over time. And that is where water-repellent sprays for fabrics come into play.

Water-Repellent Spray: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

A water-repellent spray is a type of spray used to waterproof fabric to preserve its quality and prolong its lifespan. Water-repellent sprays work on the principle of providing a hydrophobic, chemical coating over the fabric it is sprayed on to keep water and other liquids from penetrating its layers. Instead of experiencing the dreaded wetting out due to prolonged contact with water, the liquid forms a bead that rolls off the cloth, keeping it nice and intact. Very importantly, these sprays also help to preserve the textile breathability, meaning moisture will move out of the fabric seamlessly, and your comfort while wearing them is preserved.

Waterproofing textile with water-repellent sprays is important for maintaining fabrics. Though some cloth materials are made waterproof during the production process by durable water repellent coating, the textile protection usually wears off with time due to the effect of use, repeated washing, and stains. This leaves the textile pigment ink vulnerable to fading off, ruining the design in the process. Thus, by preventing liquid from penetrating the inner layers and keeping it waterproof, water-repellent spray for fabrics preserves the beauty and artistry of your textile.

How To Use Water-Repellent Spray For Fabrics

One of the many advantages of this fabric waterproofing method is quite easy to use. Whether the fabric in question is your clothing, upholstery, curtain, Xbox fabric, or shoes, this spray product will keep your textile in optimal conditions.

To waterproof your fabric, lay it out on a flat board or canvas. If it is a bulkier item like furniture fabric, you may want to make sure it is isolated and placed in a position where the spray can cover the entirety of its surface area. Note that it is important that the fabric is free of dust and other stains, so if you haven't cleaned it beforehand, make sure you do so before applying the spray. Now, while holding it at arm's length from the chosen fabric, proceed to apply the spray all over the outer layer. Be sure to cover every bit of fabric for all-around textile protection. Give a few minutes for the sprayed water-repellent to dry and if there are still any excess drops of the water-repellent on your fabric, gently wipe them away with a piece of cloth. The curing time needed for the spray to fully set in and completely react with the textile is only about 24 hours.

By following these simple steps, you can better protect the beauty of the colors and design on your textile. Water-repellent sprays last long but are not permanent, so you will need to reapply the waterproofing product every once in a while.

Nasiol offers the best water-repellent spray for fabric available on the market. The chemicals in the spray are odorless and not toxic on inhalation. With our product, you are guaranteed strong and lasting textile protection without compromising the breathability of your precious fabric.

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